About Us

Our Story

Flawlesspix is a full service creative studio offering persuasive service brought to life by innovative use of technology.

 Whether you need a fresh new visual design, better interaction with your target audience, or a custom application for your business operations, the undertaking can appear complicated and expensive. We’re here to solve your problem – even if you don’t know what that problem is

 No matter the scope, we manage every project with a unique, people-centered approach. We discover your current and unmet needs;
design informed, creative solutions; develop innovative online products; and deliver true, measurable value to you and your audience

Our Team

Emy Ogbudo

An image consultant with a proven track record in sales and customer relations. Endowed with the ability for developing creative ideas that can be maximized to their full potential, He has a sound business sense and entrepreneurial flair combined with excellent leadership qualities. He has passion to positively influence any organization He finds himself, protect and portray its image to others in a positive way while helping achieve set goals and objectives

Oyin Ogbudo

A dynamic, highly motivated, committed, confident, enthusiastic, innovative, and result oriented individual. She is also goal driven, assertive, and professional and a team player who sees every challenge as an opportunity Her administrative skills are top notch leading to a client focus Driven engagement.

Oyin Ogbudo

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